Thabiso Dakamela

Drawn always to something that bubbles with joy and positivity, Thabiso’s work has a deeper meaning as it tells of day-to-day stories and of life’s challenges, victories, and memories.

Dakamela’s work mostly portrays women and children, as he believes they are the future, and thus deserve some recognition equivalent to that of men.

Dakamela means to develop his textural and tonal variation through his expert use of warm and bright colors, especially on his backgrounds, while bringing about and developing an understanding of the thematic concerns of women and children.

Employing mainly charcoal as well as acrylic and oils paints as his preferred medium, Dakamela aims to portray and inspire positivity. To challenge the mind to think differently in a society where the costs of living and life in general seems a chocking nightmare. To inspire my audience to dig deep within themselves and unlock their true potentials in tackling problems faced inward and outward, and to inspire hope and all the good graces one may find.

Nationality: South African
Residence: Johannesburg