July 27, 2023 - July 30, 2023


Inspired by the words of Ijeoma Umebinyuo, “Do not forget your lineage, do not shrink. Do not bend yourself, Do not shift your tongue for anyone. Whenever you forget who you are, remember the history you have inherited. NOW, SPEAK.”

Ms Simone’s presentation at the Turbine Art Fair features the works of Olwethu De Vos, Bulumko Mbete, and Vanessa Tembane. 

Referencing dual sensory genres of sight and touch, Olwethu De Vos, Bulumko Mbete, and Vanessa Tembane, use varied forms of materiality and tactility to reinforce their existence and presence, acknowledging that they stand because of those who came before them. 

Using varied materials such as copper wire, blankets, twine, and collage through photography and digital design, these woman artists emphasize their aura that is multifaceted by their varied histories and experiences. Through the application of their intricate techniques, the artists represent themselves through multiple voices heard through their multi-layered expressions that are filled with narratives and memories of their journey into being. 

Olwethu De Vos creates hybrid two- and three-dimensional artworks, employing mediums associated with masculinity and imposing on these mediums, new narratives of femininity, pride, and strength. Bulumko Mbete explores geographical connections and the synchronicities within the history of her family while recontextualizing the comprehension and semiotic analysis of textiles, weaving them into multidimensional and nuanced renditions of a history of a lineage. Vanessa Tembane creates new imaginary scenes of old memories while exploring themes of displacement, migration, and liminality while further alluding to the assumption and development of new hybrid identities. Her collages become a means of telling stories about her origins, exploring her present identity, and developing new means of representation. 

The visual and tactile perceptions of these renditions by De Vos, Mbete, and Tembane reveal the esoteric narratives that delve into their stories of origin, memories, and expressions of power as they are revealed and shared with the viewer. The works become conduits of dialogue and create intensive encounters for the viewer to immerse themselves in.






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