11 May 2021

Contemporary South African artist Lerato Lodi honors the memory of her late grandmother as she embodies her in a multidisciplinary exhibition that she titles Morapedi: One Who Prays. 

After the passing of her grandmother Thalita Lodi in 2018. South Africa. Lerato noted specific practices and rituals which were observed in the various ceremonies that developed in response to her grandmother's passing. For Lerato, Thalita Lodi served as a matriarch while she was alive, she was a community leader, entrepreneur, and committed member of the Methodist Christian church. While Thalita went to church religiously as much as she could, she also observed her family’s traditional practices and communicated with her ancestors. Lerato witnessed her grandmother as she observed the traditions of both these dual concepts of spirituality without conviction.

Curated by artist, academic and curator Amohelang Mohajane, the exhibition Morapedi: One who prays is hosted by the North West University Gallery between 10 April 2021 – 11 May 2021. 

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