Girls in Heels Series

Makoatsa depicts young beautiful girls dressed in cute dresses and walking in oversized heels and often carrying a piece of contemporary technology in the form of either cell phone or headphones.

Comprising of elements of the past and present and further hopes for the future, the girls are at times placed backgrounds of doilie patterns reminiscent of many of black home design aesthetics, or simple coloured backgrounds

Observing the mastery of contemporary technology, by the young girls, one gets impressions of “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE” and renews the spirit of female empowerment.

The work serves as expressions of exhilarating youthfulness, limitless dreams, and is reminiscent of the quote by Andrew Jackson that states “I’ve got big shoes to fill, this is my chance to do something, I have to seize the moment.”

More information available on request.

  • Girls in Heels Series
  • Teboho Makoatsa
  • 2021
  • Acrylic on Canvas